HRH Ashjolina, Ruler of Ashford

HRH Ashjolina, Ruler of Ashford
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A new Ash Cloud on it's way

Christmas has come early from Iceland.  They are sending another cloud.

Over in America, you may not be aware, but EU or UK (not sure which) has lent Iceland alot of quid recently (sorry, quid = cash) to prop up their economy.  The joke around here is that Iceland misunderstood a recent request.

UK would like Iceland to know, "We said CASH, not ASH".  Oh those crazy Brits.  Stop it! My sides a splittin'.

Cheers!  (you may not know this, but you actually say "Cheers" here instead of "Thanks".  I always think of raising a glass of bubbly when I say cheers, so running about saying cheers all the time is making me virtually tipsy!

Flight Update:  There is a plane flying over Heathrow right now.  A test flight.  I guess they are watching it on tv to see if it falls from the sky.  weird.

Glascow has flights.  But closing at 1.  See, you can't go chasing aboiut the continent for where you hear there are flights, because by the time you get there, the flippin' cloud has shifted.  And the airlines are not wanting to get their planes out of position.

The most ironical thing is this...the only place you can safely fly out of Glasgow is ....wait for it....ICELAND.  Iceland is unaffected by their Enja volcano.

Well, I have to go to "private doctor" today.  Appt. at 4:00 to get my prescriptions refilled.  Oh the joy of it.  It's going to cost me private costs, not NHS as previously expected.  My Texas accent gave me away.  33£ = $49.00  CHEAP.  And then the prescriptions will be whatever.  This should be interesting.  I couldn't even answer her questions about my name correctly.  She asked me my Christian name.  I said Bronn.  And then she said and your surname.  Oops.  Oh Bronn is my surname.  Then she said, "Oh, your name is Bronn Bronn?"  OMG, no, I answered Christian name wrong.  Reset.  Now she begins speaking to me like a toddler.  "What do people speaking to you call you?"  LOL  I answered.  Cole Bronn.  Then she said, "I've never heard of it.  A woman called Cole".  Deep breath.  Don't engage the receptionist.  Be patient.  I reply "Mmmm.  Yes, it's true, I have a male name"

Long pause.  She replies, "Well, I've decided it's quite pretty, your name".  Said in her snippiest little Brit accent.  I think to myself.  Well thank God I have passed the strict requirements of pretty name to be able to visit her clinic.  By the way, the clinic is called Dapdune Surgery.  DAP DOONEY.  Sounds like a flippin' Warner Bros. cartoon.  Dapdooney macarooney toonies.

Sorry, I woke this morning with a screaming Ashache.  Dehydration is a real problem here given the strong absorbent qualities of the ash cloud.  Real clouds haven't been seen since the last tires left the tarmac at Heathrow.  World scientists are chomping at the bit to study it all, but alas, they can't get a flight in!  LOL

Crazy times continue.


  1. so funny....but not funny you are stuck....but blog is sooooo funny.!
    Candice x

  2. Awesome blog! I'm bookmarking this to save for hysterical reading material until you get home. Thanks for sharing this! BTW, I know your sister Daryn and she posted this link on FB.

  3. Oh Cole! So sorry you're stuck but so happy to be reading about your adventures - thank you for doing this!

  4. Hey CB, I hate to say it but I hope you stay stuck because hubby and I just laughed the hardest we have in a very long time. You are a brilliant writer.
    By the way Bowersox killed it tonight.

    NJ Fan

  5. I think if someone asked me for my Christian name, I would say, "Actually, I'm Jewish."

  6. Cole, this is hilarious. Tim and I are sitting in focus groups reading your blog, laughing so loud, that they can almost hear us thru the mirrored glass.

  7. I used to know a guy named Ross Ross (why would his parents do that). I like Bronn Bronn better. That is what I will call you from now on.