HRH Ashjolina, Ruler of Ashford

HRH Ashjolina, Ruler of Ashford
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Planes Are what?

Went to bed last night at midnight, knowing the airways were opened 2 hours earlier.  Love that CNN breaking news update on my Blackberry.  Sends a little shockwave through me.

Well, I reacted to the news with mix emotions.  Doubt was the overwhelming thought, as we had been told this before.  Now I was faced with the task of getting a ticket booked, because I was tired of every time I booked a return it got cancelled, and it takes about an hour to try to figure it out each time.

Now I am disappointed, because I thought I was stuck until Monday.  And now I have to squeeze the fun I had planned into one day, TODAY!  I'm off to the neighborhood of Covent Garden, to see the little market there and visit the Gardens...assuming there are some.

But really, if I get on that plane I'm booked on tomorrow (not yet confirmed), I will be ecstatic...get home to my husband, my cats and my friends.  I find the headline above kind of strange.  Where's the celebration?  They have gone straight from 'oh the horrors of it all, the planes are grounded!' to 'Why did this happen?'  Where is the "Whoo Hoo, the Ash has dissipated" headline.  The "Pip Pip, Cheerio...back to Obama you Go!"  Headline.  Cab driver said the Americans were spending money and propping up economy, so he hopes we never leave!  How sweet...that money grubbing Bloke.

Wonder what will happen to me today...since it started out getting stuck between floors in the elevator.  Yes, Lucy and Tracey, the evil far left 'vator skipped along and kept stopping between floors.  And finally reset itself by rendering the panel inactive and returning me to the basement.  NICE!!!  I was scared to death.  So, I waited for another, because no amount of fear is forcing me to climb 9 flights of stairs.  And then the same elevator came.  And I got back on.  Insanity...but there was a little boy on it and he looked scared, so I started asking him if it was broken, but he was FRENCH!  Couldn't understand me.  So, I got on, and he got off safely with his mum waiting (I think he was in trouble playing on the elevators, unsupervised).  I proceeded to my room on 8 only to find I could not get in, card rejected. OMG, I'm not getting back on the bloody vator and get stuck, run into flipping misbehaving French kids, so forth and so I go start finding the housekeepers.  Find one vacuuming under a bed, scare the crap out of her because she didn't hear me coming.  Luckily, it was my Romanian friend, so she let me in...lucky strike there.

Well, gotta get out there and enjoy my day!  Hope yours goes well.  By the time you read this in America, since you are all asleep now, I might be in the friendly, dust-free skies!  Fingers crossed.


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