HRH Ashjolina, Ruler of Ashford

HRH Ashjolina, Ruler of Ashford
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Times Headline

I told you so.
We are not getting out of here for atleast another week.  And let me tell you what...I'm not getting on the first flights out.  I don't want to be a test passenger.  No thanks.

I've gone out today as a new person.  I'm no longer a visitor.  Originally, I was not even here on vacation, but for work.  I'll just pop up tomorrow and take a train to work instead of my hour and a half commute to Redwood Shores, California!  Instead I'll adventure on over to Guildford to our offices there and hang with me new mates!  I was sad to say goodbye last Friday.  I know there are some Ashers trapped here on a 'forced vacation' with bosses who are ogres, or co-workers who annoy the hell out of them.  I'm doubly lucky to be traveling with lovely people.  You know that question "what if you were stuck on an island, what people would you choose to take with you?"  I can honestly say, I was granted a good group to be stranded with...very fun!  I don't require much, actually.  Must have love of laughter, food, and shopping.  And knowledge of tv/movies/celebrity gossip is a bonus.

Have you ever been on a holiday and rushed about to all the monuments and tourist traps, and never ventured into the land of the residents?  Lived life like a local?  Well, this is my chance to see how I would have felt moving abroad.  Of course I would have packed better.  Those worms at the Weather Channel must have gone to clown college, and when that didn't work out, they became weatherpersons.  Seriously, the forecast was cold and rainy.  Actually, that's probably the default setting when they pull up London to type in the forecast and someone just forgot to check and see if it was holding true for the next week.  :)  Anyway, my cashmere sweaters are useless as it is tipping 65 degrees and hotter in the sun.

I found Starbucks.  Comforting thing from home.  Do we have this awesome Mango Passionfruit thing?  Yummy.   I thought it would have Tazo tea in it?  Even though I speak English, I still find it hard communicating still.  Today, I insulted the housekeeper because I thought she was French and started saying a few things (ok, everyone that knows me stop laughing.  I can say a few things, seriously).  Nevertheless, she was from Romania.  OMG.  She was so sweet.  She just came from 8 years living in Italy...only 4 months in London.


  1. Dude, I have no group. I came over here for a job interview. "Ash Thursday" was the interview day. I need ASHERS to hang out with. Will you be my friend?

  2. I think we do have that mango thingy. I think they probably contain a small amount of "green tea extract," whatever that is, to make people think it is healthy.