HRH Ashjolina, Ruler of Ashford

HRH Ashjolina, Ruler of Ashford
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Traveling involves alot of Math

Finally, today, I bought a clock with a face on it.  The damn flat screen in this place, and the microwave all show time in 24 hour version.  You know like military.  Right now the tv says 0:36.  That's 12:36, and I'm so tired of subtracting 12 from the clocks to see what time it is.

And subtracting 8 to see what time it is at home, or subtracting 5 to know if I can call my Mum.  Or dividing by 2 and taking the result and adding to the original number to know that a 2£ Vitamin Water actually costs me $3.00.  Ugh.

The math is starting to frazzle me.  Which explains why I keep talking to everyone in a foreign language.  Now, I do not speak any languages proficiently, including English, as my Texas accent is still hanging in there, despite living in California for 17 years now.  I keep saying "Pardon'" in French accent.  Saying cheers alot, and seemingly, every time I am ordering something it's from a Romanian or French person.  I do still feel like I am in a foreign language speaking country.  I was at the mall today, just trying to grab a quick lunch, and craving mall chinese food.  I found it, and no kidding, it beat the hell out of the Atrium Cafe Chinese at work.  ha ha.  Isn't hard actually.  Sadly.  Anyway, it took atleast 3 times to get him to understand Diet Pepsi, and Chicken Chow Mein.  Can you believe all of that for 5£.  I only order chicken chow mein and for some reason those sticks of Chicken Satay landed on the plate..and those white foam disks.  Weird.

I decided today to start taking advantage of all the frequent buyer clubs they have.  They are going in my Asher Scrapbook!

See that card for Boots?  Lucy went in today and bought 16 Ibuprofen tablets for 38P.  That's pence.  Which is 57 cents for 16 Ibuprofen.  And we think our health system is good.  Guess what?  I have to go to the doctor tomorrow to get my prescriptions refilled.  They won't refill with a US doctor prescription.  I have to go in and show them the pills to see if they carry it.  Yikers.   And I'm going to the NHS...National Health System 'drop in' clinic.  Evidently, you don't have to be a citizen.  And prescriptions are refilled at Boots for 7.30£....roughly 10 bucks.  Wow!  It's like HMO prices over here!  And it's a good thing because a few of us have scurvy and have had to get this weird medicine.  Lovely!
Later Sk8trs.

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