HRH Ashjolina, Ruler of Ashford

HRH Ashjolina, Ruler of Ashford
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rockin' it Old School - TV Guide on paper

I have been forced to comb through the paper tv guide and jot down the shows and channels to schedule my tv viewing.  Seriously...I'm bored and can't sleep.  My body has refused to get off Pacific Coast Time and I've been here 10 days.  I just got an email from my travel agent that I am booked for economy ticket on April 24 for a $3,400 ticket that doesn't even fly direct...I have to swing by Los Angeles before I can get to San Francisco.  Blimey!   I'd rather stay here and sleep on the Queen's lawn.  This is not working for me.  I think I'll try taking a train somewhere and flying from there.  Heathrow is a big mess.  Except all the ferries and Eurostar are cram packed too.

How did I get into this mess?  Whatever...ooh, look there's an old episode of Two and A Half Men, with Sean Penn as a guest.  Gotta go...

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  1. Cole–

    You are the voice that cannot be quieted (is that even a word?). Stay away from the bangers and mash – English breakfasts cause even more heart attacks than Texas ones, if that's possible. Blimey indeed! Can you get the American version of American Idol there?

    Nicely done Tex.